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FLASH! Vivek secures legal rights to Beatle music~AND $25 million in financing for The Fifth Beatle!

This link comes directly from Vivek ~ he posted it himself from his own Facebook
account onto our
Induct Brian Epstein into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Facebook page!

Here's the Daily India article he linked to:

Indian-origin producer to turn Brian Epstein's life into biopic
From ANI

Washington, June 3: An Indian-origin producer is all set to turn legendary Beatles manager Brian Epstein's life into a biopic, which
will reveal the secrets about the gay svengali.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is titled 'The Fifth Beatle'.

And, in a first for a film about the Fab Four, Broadway producer Vivek Tiwary has secured the rights to use a handful of Beatles
songs for the soundtrack.

"My guess is we'll use six to 10 Beatles songs. We have the ability to use 'All You Need is Love', 'A Day in The Life...',
'Sgt. Pepper', 'Yesterday', 'Eleanor Rigby', 'Help' and 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away'," Contactmusic quoted him as telling
the publication.

"It's definitely possible that 'You've Got to Hide Your Love Away' is about Brian," he added.

Copyright Asian News International/DailyIndia.com

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Vivek Tiwary

Update! Fifth Beatle movie blog entry by its creator Vivek

Brian Epstein at his Saville Theatre

September 26, 2008 - 08:45am

I've just returned from a first round of serious U.K. casting sessions where I met numerous actors interested in the role of Brian Epstein. A second-round process will take place in November, and I fully expect we will have the lead cast by the end of this year!

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The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum

Read this and much more at the official website ~ FifthBeatleMovie.com

"Last Night A Rock Band Saved My Life..."

As the eppylover would describe his post:
The impressionable value of music ~
~ from down in the dumps to kissing the sky

Another blog post
by Vivek Tiwary,
writer/producer of

· Read it at on Vivek's blog

          ~~ OR ~~

· Read it at The Fifth Beatle Movie LiveJournal community


Vivek Tiwary

Vivek Is Back!

September 04, 2007 - 12:37pm

IT WAS 40 YEARS AGO TODAY (well, last week actually)…

         …that Brian Epstein passed away.

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I can say that I’ve been flying to both Los Angeles and London regularly, and that there is a LOT of love for the film from all the right “players” in this process.

And I’ll also add that we are still prepared to shoot in the first quarter of 2008, with a goal to premiering the film in Liverpool by the end of 2008, while the city is still Europe’s Capital Of Culture.

But please be patient as we keep more exact details behind-the-scenes for now... and since timeframes can alter and Tomorrow Never Knows, please stay tuned for more specific breaking news...

With Love,

Vivek J. Tiwary

Click to read this blog on The Fifth Beatle Movie website


To reiterate what Vivek said above:
"If anyone else has a strong feeling or reaction to the anniversary of Brian's passing, please, let's discuss it on our Message Boards here."

Gimme a break!

"Fifth Beatle" nonsense: It shouldn't come down to this, stupid Christine.

The recent passing of Billy Preston is sad. What a talent! and he would have fit in as a fifth onstage musical Beatle quite well, you know. In a way, that would have ruled.

Yet the headlines, in bringing up that "Fifth Beatle" moniker once again, got me thinking about Vivek Tiwary's planned motion picture The Fifth Beatle
~ and how nobody else but the Boys themselves have ANY GODDAMNED RIGHT to place that title on a "fifth member."

I shouldn't let it bother me. It's stupid. I should think of it only as a matter of semantics.
Perhaps the deciding factor would be: if Brian himself came back temporarily and read the news and articles naming Billy Preston, or George Martin, etc. as "fifth Beatles," would it bother him? I do know for a fact that Murray The K's claim stuck in his craw badly, but he didn't show it publicly because Kaufman was too valuable a promotional tool for his Boys.

Because it was the most heartfelt wish of Brian's to be their fifth member ~ not musically, of course (although that would have been his impossible dream), but closer than just friends. They were, you know. If the boys were like brothers, then Brian was truly like a dual-purpose parent ~ both a guiding, counseling father and a loving, nurturing mother.

So, yes, like an idiot, I do let these news blurbs bother me ~ because so many people see them and believe them. So many people who aren't aware of the opinion of Brian's own Boys themselves. The only opinion that actually counts!

In Vivek's own words:
"...at a press conference in 1997, when specifically asked who was "The Fifth Beatle," Paul McCartney replied without hesitation:

"If anyone was the Fifth Beatle, it was Brian."

That's the first time a Beatle has addressed the issue. And the only other time is when McCartney repeated his words on national television during the BBC's Arena documentary on Epstein.

And it's where my money lies. Brian was an integral part of the band's life-- both personally and professionally-- as my film will dramatize.

But I also think Sir Paul picked his words carefully when he said, "if anyone."
The truth is, the Beatles were a four-piece band. End of story.

I think there's a certain sadness that Brian could never really be "one of the boys" no matter what he did for them, no matter how close he was to them.

But -- if ANYONE -- then Brian!"
You tell 'em, Mr Tiwary!

Pictures of Brian hanging out with his friends the other Beatles

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Chapter One of Eppylover's "The Man Who's Making The Brian Epstein Movie"

Vivek Tiwary is the man making the movie, The Fifth Beatle.
Here's the original Rolling Stone article that broke the news.

Vivek Tiwary


Making vows for equality
Straight couples like Tracy and Vivek
are dedicating their weddings
to the fight for equal marriage rights

The Advocate, Sept 27, 2005 by Ann Rostow
When Vivek Tiwary and his wife, Tracy, exchanged vows on June 11 in Manhattan's TriBeCa neighborhood, they toasted guests with a plea on behalf of gay and lesbian couples.

"The fact that Tracy and I found each other and were able to nurture our relationship to the point of marriage truly is a blessing," Vivek told his friends and family. "But we feel that the ability to honor that relationship by getting married is a right."

Marriage equality had always been important to the couple, but the 2004 election--when 11 states passed constitutional amendments banning legal marriage for gay and lesbian couples--shocked Vivek.

The New Yorker is of Indian and Guyanese descent, and Tracy is half Irish and half Italian. The recent blows against gay and lesbian couples conjured an unpleasant reminder of the days when differing skin colors barred couples from marriage.

"I was like, 'Wow, I really need to get off my ass and do something like I've been saying I was going to.'

If the government can't tell you who you should love, how can they tell you who you should marry?" Tiwary asks. "I couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable having such a wonderful experience with my wife and knowing that there were close friends of ours who were sharing that experience and who, at least in the near term, aren't allowed to have that experience themselves."

Read remainder of article on advocate.com