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Amphibiliatory Frolicking

It's a friendslocked entry, so my thanks goes to Anon...
and privacy is thereby protected!
Toady Flirtations
One of my flisters posted the above, as is.
The post was just like that, no explanation.
I could not resist sharing it.
It is so randomly wtf that it made my day.

p.s. The photo to the right and the photo you get when you click on it are ones that I found myself.

For all the fans of toadsecks amongst you, more pics of real froggies and toadies ~ some having amphibi-orgies! ~ are here at

The man who took the phroggy-fotos lives in Bedfordshire, England.
Doesn't it figure it would be an Englishman! ;P

...To view his (and my) photos on Flickr, you might have to set up an account ~ but it's free and fast and easy, no reason not to. I'm there ~ infrequently ~ but more often than I'm ever on MySpace ~ and my Flickr screen name is "christine6417."

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What Do Mr Tobacco and Mr Johnson have in common?

Answer to today's riddle: Throat Cancer!

However, your puzzled eppylover arsks:

WHY is it such a big headline that
oral sex spreads throat cancer?

Good lord. I always kind of took that for granted, knowing that both the genitals and the mouth/throat are mucus membrane areas, and of course those areas can spread HPV ~ or, as we always called it, "genital warts."
Does the press think the general public are really that dumb?
Well, duh. Big surprise, g.p. ... Must be slow news days out there.

Here's one of the typical news flashes ~
from~ Body Of Wealth.com
The human papillomavirus (HPV) is most commonly associated with cervical cancer. Now, a recent study links HPV with throat cancers.

Since 2000 researchers have believed a link exists, but they have not understood behaviors that connect the two and why some people were at greater risk.

Collapse )

In keeping with my original blurb (why is it such a big headline etc.), David Khalili rants about this subject on his blog, using a different tack ~ calling the news releases "tired f*ing scare tactics."

So remember, kids, keep them cigarettes and cocks out of your mouth!


Fabs Lampoon, Silly Scenario, Rant Continuation, and A Real Deal

1975 National Lampoon EP
For you, an item of *Beatley* auditory strangeness...

While it lasts online, you can listen to -
or save to your hard drive -
this 1min-52sec.mp3
from a 1975 National Lampoon Promo EP
that's being offered on eBay.

Let me know if you can't get it, and I can upload it to YouSendIt. It's mildly amusing.

A silly scenario popped into my head as I was viewing some nice pics of Jane Asher online, whilst remembering an article on Paul's bad fortune in the marriage department ~ and at the same time, across the room, a thing about Paul came on the TV that Stephy was watching.
Here it is:
If I had millions of dollars, one of the things I would do is:

Lock Paul and Jane Asher into a room (with an attached bathroom) for 3 days and see what happens. (Sorry, Mr. Jane Asher's husband.)

Do the same thing with Sean and Julian, only include a foolproof arbitrator (reincarnation of Eppy?) guaranteed to morph said Lennons into the new musical sensation, "The Lennon Brothers."

If that fails, give Sean back to mommy and deposit Dhani, Zak and James. Add instruments and arbitrator, mix well and See what happens.

Oh, and then after the Paul thing was over, Stephy started channel-surfing and stated, "There's nothing on TV! Time for a movie!" and proceeded to pop in "Yellow Submarine."

Am I bringing her up right, or what? Especially when asked to name The Beatles, the first name she comes out with is "Brian." YES.

The Truth: Female vs male romantic thinkingExpanding on my previous day's post moan-fest:

    > However, because idiots people should have freedom of choice, it's not feasible to put my "dream implants" in every newborn ~ the implant that would stifle their fertility and libido until they were at least 28.

...But then, what would teenagers and young adults DO with themselves if their lives didn't revolve around the opposite sex? Collapse )
Brian Epstein acknowledges his sexual overindulgence, and tells you to fuck off
I'm sure the Boys didn't mean "All You Need Is Love" primarily in the carnal sense.
Even though they (and their beatledaddy) are now well-known for their overindulgences.
Oy! Damn hormones.

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
        - Krishnamurti


BTW, it's been awhile since I've put this thingy in here:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
If you haven't done so already, please click and sign for Brian at -
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
With the exception of some rare original items
on display, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame itself
is a bunch of crap -- for an honest explanation
of this statement, and why this petition is so
very important for Brian's legacy nevertheless,
please CLICK HERE.

Speaking of Eppy (Epiphone~Eppy...uhhh...)
I get this newsletter called "My Bargain Buddy"
(no relation to the virus that went around a couple years ago called "Bargain Buddy")
and today they had a deal maybe somebody else would want to get into... I dunno, I'll just pass on the info.
Epiphone Acoustic Guitar - $99.99 + Free shipping (reg. $232)


A Sceneful Of Disrespect

Click the link: Village Voice July 2003 --
If this link does not work, try this one -- Web Archive Village Voice July 2003 --

Read the 2nd paragraph, and be prepared for a bit of smut. I don't even want to copy/paste it here in my LiveJournal.

Your opinions please: Maybe I'm just reacting to Todd Graff's statement out of an initial shock. Maybe Mr. Graff was misquoted, or his statement was embellished by Mr. Musto. Maybe he was mistaken about Jude Law being so enthusiastic about beginning the movie this way.

According to Musto's article, Graff stated that this will be the first scene of the film, the opening scene. Not what I would call setting up the audience to have a real high opinion of the person who was Brian Epstein. After a blow like that right off the bat, with no sympathy built up first, it would be a major struggle to overcome the disgust a lot of people are going to feel about Brian. I was hoping that this film would NOT be made for those of us who are already familiar with Mr Epstein, love him or even think he's hot ... but for everybody to get to know him as the awesome person he was, flaws and all. To do this you've got to achieve a balance between attraction and aversion, between esteem and shame ... and foster affection for who he was at heart. To empathize. However, as we know, sensationalism is more important to the movie industry. If they're not going to use Beatles, then semen will sell it.

If this flick was All That Jazz-ish, that would be great ~ but the scene described goes beyond flash and avant-garde, IMO. Wouldn't you want to try and get the public connected to the character of Eppy first, have them identify with him somehow, to understand, and then present the described scene? Is there another way other than f*ing to have an opening scene that would grab an audience?

Sure, it could make a lot of money. Like some other Jude Law movies. And be a trashy flick. Just what Eppy would have wanted. Oh yes. Humiliate him, f* his memory and rake in the dough.

Another of my concerns is, if the film actually sinks to a vulgar tabloid level, wouldn't this cause pain to the Epstein family? Or doesn't anybody care about peoples' feelings in the 21st century? Just put yourself in Henry Epstein's shoes, or suppose you were Brian himself. Are you sure he would have appreciated being labeled (to quote Michael Musto's article) as only "the Fab Four's bizarre gay manager?" How would you feel? Is Cilla, so enamored of Jude Law, aware the movie could go in this direction? At least The Hours and Times treated his sex life respectfully, maybe even too daintily for this day and age, but it left him looking dignified. (EDIT: I do have very serious issues with the Brian character in The Hours and Times, though.)

Imagine all the people just learning about him for the first time: that's who we're trying to reach.

I'm sorry if I seem old-fashioned.

I'm aware such erotic scenarios (and others much more intense and even violent) happened, and these scenes most likely could be shown somewhere in the middle of the movie after the audience has gotten to know him, fine.  However, I have adored this man for 40 years now and it feels like someone just threw shit in my face.

Instead of persuading the General Public that this was a great man who deserves a better reputation and some much overdue love, opening the film this way would seem to encourage more ridicule from the sector we want to win over.
Part of being a true admirer of Brian Epstein is showing that, despite it all, he did have real class. It's not about getting our rocks off. Save that for your own fantasies ... don't try to shove it down the public's throat ... because they'll just spew it back at you.

BTW, does anyone out there know for sure if Todd Graff was replaced in this project, or is he still working with Jude Law?

It's early morning. I'm going to let this thing roll around in my head and then sleep on it tonight. That will often turn my opinions around and clarify things. But right now, my heart hurts.