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Coal for Xmas, Xmas coal

Forcing myself online with some Briany stuff to share

I really hate the winter/holiday season each year, and this usually results into my morphing into some kind of grumpy troll-ish hermit.

Yesterday's T'giving Dinner with our huge extended family kinda put me up in a slight mood to do something for something's sake ~ so here I am tonight on LJ forcing myself to post a few items that may be of interest. Then I'll sink back into the doldrums.

Dang it all. It's impossible to explain, especially to myself, how I can so very much miss a person who I never met and who probably would have quite disliked me if for some strange reason he had ever been obligated to become acquainted with me.

Or maybe not, but for some stupid reason it's easier to think of it that way.
Okay. And I choose to forego any psychoanalytic theorizing on that issue, thank you.
Just not in the mood.
ani rolleyes smiley

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Oh well, it's better than a sharp kick in the arse, wot.
And now it's 4am, time 2 TRY 2 go 2 sleep. Good luck wid dat, bee-yatch.

Cowboys John and Brian on the phone

It's an LJ thang, yo...

Testing to see if LiveJournal is going to play nice with me today. Guess not. So far the tab reloaded once already.

This doesn't happen with ANY other site; not Facebook or Twitter or anything else.
[ Note to my friend: Keep enjoying Liverpool, and I'll comment when LJ makes it a little easier. :)

I absolutely ADORE the big gold letters spelling "EPSTEIN THEATRE"...! ]
When I get a chance I've gotta get back with a guy in Liverpool on eBay who has news about the long-awaited Brian statue. I think he's connected with the city government there. Seems there's a preliminary sample of an Eppy statue that was created by the same sculptor who made the John Lennon statue at the Cavern!


I believe the ideal spot for the statue (in my humble opinion!) would be in a the large area in front of the former NEMS ~ which, despite everything you read all over the internet, is no longer the "Victoria's Secret"-type lingerie sex shop called "Ann Summers" ~ the former NEMS is now a fashion boutique called M. Butterfly I know. I was there last year.

A fashion boutique is ALSO SO VERY PERFECT for the former dress designer-at-heart that was our Brian.

Must go now. TTYL. I hope.
Oh yeah. And on this occasion of Lennon's 71st birthday, do him a favor and make sure his best friend/counselor/father/mother image Brian Epstein gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.

~ Respect the genius ~
(The new motto I use to promote Brian tributes)


"Perhaps you would please..." ...Bluh-bluh-bluh....GAH?

From The Blackpool Gazette
Letter from Brian Epstein to John Vale

"Perhaps you would please sign both copies if you approve and return to me; I will then return one of them to yourself with my own signature."

Come again?!
As a former clerical/secretary of many different ilks during the past 30-some years, I just gaped at that. And read it again, and gaped some more.

Anybody familiar with British English, please, please set me straight on this! ~

Does the above constitute proper British grammar for business correspondence? Or does our poor Eppy sound flasterblastercated out of his gibbers? Did he even read it before he signed it?

If this was indeed worded improperly and awkwardly, I hereby administer a hearty cyber-slap to whomsoever his secretary was at that time (initials are "OJ") ~~ because she should have done something about it, and not let it go out as it was. Good lord.

However, if this IS proper British form, then here's proof positive that I would never make it as a secretary in Jolly Olde.

Alistair Taylor

Signed Cellarful spawns eppylover post of rare NEMS-related photos

Brian's Original Signed Autograph
on his "A Cellarful Of Noise"

Seller says: "This book was given to my mum by Brian Epstein
as she worked with his brother in Liverpool and is completely original."

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Wow. How did this simple eBay auction spawn such a melange of NEMS trivia?
Fer Pete's sake! I obsessively labored over 4 hours on this post.
Oh yeah, the seller's mum worked for the Epsteins. With Clive. Lucky mum.

I'd love to meet the lady ~ she was some anonymous clerk, most likely. Probably couldn't give me much insight, other than a general idea of how it felt to work for the Epsteins. A few simple stories would be nice, though. I'd eat up that info :)

Speaking of eating up, Dale's due to be home from cleaning the church, and we're going somewhere.


Alistair's 2001 visit to the remnants of NEMS at the Ann Summers