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Born Against

Sunday Sermon ~ Freethinkers are human, too

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Wow! $50,000 has already been raised in under 24 hrs for the Non-Believers Aid to Haiti. Show your support now: http://givingaid.richarddawkins.net/

We have also set up donation boxes for the Non-Believers Giving Aid project at http://www.skeptic.com & http://www.michaelshermer.com


false pattern recognition

eppylover note: If you can get through it without OD'ing on wordiness, this is a fascinating article. Here's the original webpage in case you also want to see the ads, etc. (oh, ha ha) ... or, more likely, if you're interested in seeing what else Scientific American.com has to offer.

From the May 2005 issue of
Scientific American


Turn Me On, Dead Man

What do the Beatles, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Patricia Arquette and Michael Keaton all have in common?
By Michael Shermer image of Michael Shermer by Brad Hines

In September 1969, as I began ninth grade, a rumor circulated that the Beatles' Paul McCartney was dead, killed in a 1966 automobile accident and replaced by a look-alike. The clues were there in the albums, if you knew where to look.

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