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Jon Stewart ~ shhhh!

Of Stewart, Carlin, ...and Epstein

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

I started watching this 1997 video (behind the LJ cut, below) on The Official George Carlin Fan Page (Facebook) because I love George Carlin and I love Jon Stewart, and it was posted by George's daughter Kelly, who is pretty awesome in her own right.

But ~ when they started talking about the drugs, genetics, etc. ~ all I could think of was Brian Epstein.

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~*~~*~ ~*~~*~ ~*~~*~
John Oliver and Stephen Colbert

Shabbat Shmooze ~ Happy Yom Chechecheche!

Both Stephy and I were highly amused by Rabbi Estes and his obvious attempts to keep a straight face ~ at the same time being disgusted by the Texas repugnicants.

The song at the end! The song! OMG ani laughing smiley

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Jewish Speaker of Texas State House
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The Daily Show: Re-Election of the Jewish Speaker of the Texas State House

And it goes without saying that I ADORE John Oliver!

Jon Stewart ~ shhhh!

Ringo on *** THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART *** tomorrow night...!!!

Brian Epstein with Ringo StarrI hope he sits him down and talks.

I am so excited.

JON STEWART is the *only* interviewer we trust to have the balls and the brains to arsk a former Fab some intelligent questions for once.

New and original and funny questions.

... I hope! I hope it's not just one of these "and now here's our musical guest" thingies.
We want a proper interview, dammit!

And since the former Mr Liebowitz often loves to refer to things Jewish, I can hope beyond hope that there will be at least a tiny mention of Brian Epstein. Most likely NOT, but hey.

If he does have Richie sit and talk, we can at least be assured that this will be one very clever hilarious bit.

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Jon Stewart ~ shhhh!

The Big Four Seven

Happy Birthday Jon Stewart ~
~ the big silly. Always alluding to his age, looking all gray and shit.

Jon Stewart = 11 years younger than me! LOL

Got 3 hours of sleep last night.
Had to get up and stay awake for the return of my car, which fortunately needed less work than was originally planned (the back brakes were fine). So I saved like $50.

He was concerned that the "Service Engine Soon" light comes on from time to time (that was determined years ago to be the fault of the light itself, LOL), also that the thermostat needle is broken so I never know if I'm overheating (oh well), but especially that the engine idle is set so high that you rarely have to push on the accelerator ~ and it kinda roars at you a bit when you're slowing down. This is hard on the brakes, of course, and uses a little more gas. But I drive so very little that I'm not going to worry about it.

As I recall, there's a reason the idle has to be so high. I think (five or so years ago) when the original engine died, the junkyard engine they replaced it with wouldn't stay running and just kept shutting off. Kicking the idle up permanently solved that problem.

Being a Saturn, the car still looks nice on the outside (it's not metal, so it doesn't rust). I really still like it. If I HAD to replace it, and I had bunches of money, I would really really really love to have a Mini Cooper!
I've never bought a USED car before ~ damn, why buy someone else's problems? If there were no problem, they wouldn't have gotten rid of it in the first place ~ but for a Mini I would buy "pre-owned"... Especially if it were a Radford Mini from Brydor Cars! http://www.askmen.com/top_10/cars/top-10-beatles-rides_1p.html

Okay, time to go back to bed. I'm just sooo absolutely out of it right now!


This year the Emmy Awards show catered to the christine!

When taken as a whole, the 2008 Emmy Awards Show actually stunk in some ways ~ especially during the opening, when the reality show hosts were cluelessly hemming and hawing, that certainly sucked ~ but for me, the show became lovely and priceless beyond words because of the treasures I describe below:

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It would have been a perfect night, except that in the middle of the show Og returned home and abruptly turned the channel ~ so I had to cook dinner while running back and forth between my bedroom and the kitchen. Thankfully I don't think I missed anything, because I was able to do that during commercials and during award presentations that didn't interest me.