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OMG Brian!

Someone else's auction: "BEATLES Transcript Documents Lennon Ringo Epstein Apple"

"Collection of unpublished interviews draft material &c"


Most of this Beatles material for sale is post-Brian rubbish, which, as you know if you know me, I could do without. ;P

But ~ I would KILL to have copies of the pages under Part C~ numbers 2, 3, and 6.

See it while it's still up HERE
...or HERE, until Nov 16...

Seller info : si-qe
Item number: 300364484056
Item location: Dover, Kent, United Kingdom

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...Yeah. Just FYI, just because. *shrugs*

Lennon! No!

Cutting the apron strings on my memorabilia

Vintage Beatles button badges

Unloading me vintage Beatles goods ~

Keep checking this list daily

More to come. Bye-bye memories!

Hopefully these can go to Beatle fan flisters who will truly appreciate them, and not just to dealers... ...although my first bid is from a big-time dealer. *shrug*

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Yeah, it was incredible. The drugs, the sex, the all-night parties. I really miss that Shining Time Station.
    – Ringo


Beatles collectibles coming soon.....

Hey, guys... *flutters eyelashes*

I'm starting to sell my old vintage-y shtuffs. So far just one thing is up.

Soon this will be joined by original Beatles clippings, books, perhaps 45's (some in picture-sleeves), etc.

I will also offer collectible M&M's, Campbell's, Pillsbury Doughboy, etc. items, including old fast food toys such as McDonald's (both used and new in the original bags).

Barring unforeseen circumstances, however, Brianage will not be sold, of course.
That would be like selling my daughter or something.
But, stranger things have happened, and there may be a duplicate Eppy item or two available eventually.

Easily-mailed thingies will be listed on eBay.
This is my eBay profile ~ they call it the "My World" page.

Big (or not easily-mailed) thingies will go on Craigslist and I'll probably meet the buyer at the mall or some common location.

I'll try to let y'all know when I start listing the rare Beatles memorabilia (or similar type shtuffs).
I might forget, though, so keep an eye on my listings if you're interested! :)

If this works for me and I succeed in keeping on top of bills, I'll probably start giving a "flister discount" of some kind (?) ~ However, at the moment I'm pretty much wearing a barrel and need every penny I can scrape up.

I'll try to be fair with the pricing. Let me know.

If you're up to it, please take a second to give me your thoughts and/or advice on this, my first of what I hope will be many good listings.

Go to the actual page for the real thing ~~
~~ but fyi the following is basically how the listing reads:
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Even if you don't like the idea of buying the memories I carried with me since I was a teen (or my other stuff), please look and give me your opinions or ideas on the matter.

I've also been thinking of putting one of those Google Adsense banners on my LJ, but I'm very torn about that, since I'm such a hater of ads. :(