christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Victor Spinetti's Lennon Play

On someone's blog, a description of
The Brian Epstein Story - Director's Cut!
This is the original 2-part BAFTA award-winning BBC Arena Special from 1999, with extras.

I WANT A DVD OF THAT..! BAD-LY!         * snif, sob, lust *

Braggy braggy old woman I am I am...

In the olden days, my English penpal sent me The Penguin John Lennon,
which is In His Own Write and A Spaniard In The Works in one book.

It was only available in the UK, and I do not know if you can find it anywhere now!
* searches *
Ahh, maybe not as rare as I thought! See this page on Alibris Books.

Image hosted by
And yet another penpal
who sent me the French version:

(In the late 60's I had,
I think, 15 penpals.)

Image hosted by

And finally,
I have the book to a
play that was directed
by Victor Spinetti
(remember him?)

* searches *
Here they are for sale: Alibris Books

(click for larger images)

And HERE's an interesting webpage on that play.

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