christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

OT: Jane Asher, Cyn Lennon, etc.

In the Tripod sites below you have to deal with a few popups, but in these cases the irritation is usually worth it. 
I use a popup killing program.

Jane Asher Jane Asher Magazine features and fashion shoots from the 60's! 

 Cynthia Lennon In her own words exclusively for the "Hello" site!  A great series! ...If your eyes can handle the pink text on purple background, that is (CTL-A highlight the page to read it easier). 


The "Beatles Girlfriends" site below includes Alma Cogan (her face is at far left in the banner), who for awhile was constantly seen with Brian Epstein ... to the point where he actually introduced her to his parents and marriage was rumored.

 Girlfriends ... bunches of little-known liaisons.


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