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Talking about Brian Epstein, Cyn's book, and deifying Lennon

Thanks to the internet (LiveJournal, eBay, etc.), a few of the original vintage Brian Epstein admirers are daring to poke their heads out of hidey-holes to say a word or two to me - and I get excited when that happens - it warms my heart down to its last cockle - but I've yet to see them, in Eppy's words, "shouting from the rooftops" like I try to do.

At this point when his peers are dying off one by one, Eppy needs all the HELP! he can get. A dream of mine is to become friends with one or more of his original friends, or even with an old lover of his. Someone who would be happy to go on and on chatting about Brian, like Alistair Taylor would do when you got him started. :)

I'm very sad that Ringo and Paulie don't do their part in spreading witty anecdotes about him, and pushing public tributes and honors for him (a posthumous MBE would be nice) ... but we must remember they were part of the older generation too.

Besides the emotional pain it may cause them to speak of the man who made their success possible (and I hope they realize they treated him like ... well, badly, compared to how they should have treated him), I'm certain a big part of their hesitancy is that they are sick of the sexual innuendo that always seems to be included in any Brian talk.

IMO, it's Peter Brown's fault for kick-starting that queer pervert shit and putting it in high gear and in a bad light ... it seems like the P-Brown Effect is going to shadow Eppy forever...

Image hosted by
I've posted a couple newly-found pics of Brian in this entry in the mrbrianepstein Community, along with a couple of surprising Brian-related excerpts from the new Tony Barrow book, John, Paul, George, Ringo... and Me. has published a fascinating two-page excerpt from Cyn's new book, JOHN.
Click HERE to read it!

I just have to rant a little here... well, maybe quite a bit...

There was a thread on this post in andwelovethem that I couldn't help myself putting my tuppence into. There are dream worlds and there are dream worlds. Look for the girl with her head in the clouds...

Poster A: "The only one that I am really hating right now is Cynthia. She wrote about John as being abusive and he would hit her and all that jazz. Sorry, but I don't buy it."

See * below for my long-winded answer to that one.
Poster B: "Yeah, I don't like her much either. Even if he was, it pisses me off when people write these tell-all books just to make a buck."
Au contraire; I believe Julian when he says this is just his mom (and him) trying to defend themselves a little bit from the overwhelming amount of Yoko's point of view. I'm sure Yoko is telling the truth about her experience with the John she knew.

Yoko and Sean don't always describe John with rose-coloured glasses, either. Why can't Cyn give her side in just one book? Her book is not venomous, but there are a few little revelations meant to explain various things, such as why he was so angry inside, and only really showed it when drinking (lots of otherwise decent people with a family history of death and abandonment are so much worse), and why she and John couldn't make it as a couple (he needed someone much more cerebral, odd and exciting, and she was your normal meek loving housewife).

If she wanted to get nasty on John, she would have done much better than that.
Poster C: "Have you ever read The Love You Make?
I'm not terribly surprised, but still."
Peter Brown wasn't writing to set anything straight from his viewpoint; he wrote his book to make money by creating and perpetuating lucrative scandal. If you want to read a truthful book in that vein that isn't The Muck You Rake, I highly recommend Alistair Taylor's wonderful With The Beatles, or the excellent new Tony Bramwell book, Magical Mystery Tours, My Life With The Beatles. I'm not sure I'd recommend the Tony Barrow thingy John, Paul, George, Ringo... and Me! that's just come out as a book. From a few things I've read so far, he gettin' trashy wid it. But of course, I'd still have to read it to opine legitimately on it.

* Regarding Poster A's comment:

The man who was John Lennon changed with the times and his eyes were opened by the '70's. Yoko takes credit, but John would have become a peacenik anyway. He once said something (I must paraphrase here) to the effect that a lot of the most anger and violence-prone people end up believing the most in Peace. Because they, more than anyone, know by experience what anger and violence and hatred can do.

First off, I know the press is making much much more of everything than what Cyn intended. Just as it's possible they're overemphasizing the Brian/Beatle sex stuff in Joanne Petersen's upcoming book ... although I still don't think it's quite kosher for her to write the Brian/?Beatle? sleaze, because Joanne doesn't have to defend herself or has no record to set straight like Cyn does. But the press do like to run with the ball, don't they?

However, getting back to what we now refer to as "spousal abuse," we're talking the late '50's -early 60's here. I remember those times. I was there. "Women's Lib" didn't come around seriously until the '70's. Keeping your chick in line was accepted. You'd be aghast by some of the prevalent accepted attitudes if you had to spend any time at all in that era. Didn't matter if you were rich or poor.

I'm not talking rednecks. These people were your fellow church members, your next-door neighbors. Someone calls the law about a boyfriend clobbering a girlfriend a little bit (or husband/wife, especially), and, if she doesn't LOOK particularly beaten up (or even if she does, depending on who she is), the cops shrug and write it down as a "domestic." It was closeted, but accepted, and nobody got involved. The man wore the pants, he ran his family the way he saw fit, and you kept them as friends because that was their private business behind closed doors and "it doesn't make them bad people."

Yeah, I worked for a while as a clerical for the Grand Rapids Police in the early '70's. Cops everywhere were pissed off by Women's Lib making their job so much harder. Besides the tons of extra paperwork from being obliged to take the women's complaints seriously, they'd cry "those man-haters are breaking up the family unit, and ruining men's lives by taking THEIR JOBS!" OMG

NOW how are you gonna discipline your woman? Darn.
Now you only got the kids to beat your frustrations out on.


You don't buy it?

'Sokay. You've got your fantasies, I've got mine.
But I know my "Eppy 'n me" thingy is just a fun mirage.


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