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A Linky or Two - Uncyclopedia Beatles!

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Uncyclopedia: Beatles

Image hosted by Photobucket.comKEY PARAGRAPH:
Their first single, 'Hate Me Now', was a complete flop and only got to a disappointing Number 4 in the British charts.

They were on their way to jump off a cliff when Brian Epernaystein came up with a plan to save the day and he came up with the following cunning idea. He said, 'Wait, what if we, and here's the intelligent part, what if we were to release a completely different single and see if we can get any higher?'

After reading the entire linked article, eppylover sez:
  . . . my brian asplode!!!
(haha ... no, that wasn't a typo.)



Once the Pope is satisfied with the Beatles memorabilia he has seen, he will run to tell all the bishops and they will set about exhuming the body of the deceased. Once exhumed, the body is adorned with a Beatles wig and rose tinted sunglasses, whereupon it is once again laid to rest.

Yoko Ono

A Japanese avant-garde artist called Yoko. The longer version of her name comes from a quote by Paul McCartney: "Yoko? Oh, no!", though that is now often forgotten.

Reminder: Monday, September 19 is INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!

ARRR! Booty!!!
(No, I get nothing from linking to this - I just think it's kinda neat)
Click for larger image
p.s. Oh yeah, Sept.19 will also be ...

errm, would have been,

Brian Epstein's 71st Birthday!

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