christine~ (eppylover) wrote,
eppylover video promo of LENNON the musical

This video loaded very, very slowly (even with our Comcast broadband cable), but it may be worth it if you're curious as to what snippets of the johnandyoko show look like:


The opinion of this vintage eppylover is that the show gives a person absolutely NO feeling of how it really was then.

To me, LENNON bears just as much resemblance to how we saw John Lennon
as Mel Brooks' "Springtime For Hitler" bore to the Holocaust.

But if you want to go see a show just to see a bunch of people doing Lennon songs, it's fine I guess.

If I were to judge the show from the looks of that video, I'd give it a rousing "feh."
And promos are supposed to make things look BETTER than they really are,
so what does that tell ya.

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