christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

The Power Lennons

The Liverpool/English Lennons may have been less "elite"-acting, but that's one reason I feel closer to them than the American/Japanese Power Lennons.

I like that. Power Lennons. "Power Lennons, Activate!" Sorry, I'm amusing myself again.
Now what should we call the Liverpool family?
The Home or Homegrown Lennons. The Original Lennons. Awwwww, the Powerless Lennons. *sniff*

I'm dying to read Cyn's latest book. I read once online that just before John's death, when he was doing little sneakies behind Mother's back (just like a kid, ha ha), he made a few timid overtures toward getting back together with his Liverpool people. Cyn (or was it John's sister Julia?) really thought that, in time, he would have escaped back to his real people.

I don't know. I think Lennon needed Yoko, loved and missed his Liverpool roots, but liked to live just a little bit on the edge, a little dangerously. Going back & forth between things. Teasing fate, but not daringly enough to be too risky.

As opposed to our Epstein, who craved living VERY dangerously in his off times. Veddy sexy. Mmm! Hm! Why does Brian's double (triple? quadruple+?) personality turn me on, when he hated it himself?

And why does every online comment I make eventually turn into an Eppy-sode if I keep writing long enough?! How queer of me (dictionary definition... as in ODD... that is)!


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