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This comment has taken on a life of its own and morphed into a post here...

The following was my recent comment to a post in someone else's journal:

Eppylover: >> My daughter and friend were playing Pokemon Monopoly and seriously discussing Gary Oak ... and Professor Oak being his grandfather. I heard the word *grandfather* and had to ask:

... "but is he clean?"

And my daughter laughed. She got it.
Am I bringing her up right, or what?

little_blonde: >> Haha...pokemon. I miss those days.
And you're probably the coolest mother ever, because whenever I allude to Beatledom, ma mere rolls her eyes and tells me to get a new hobby XD

And then, as often happens with me, this reply expanded and expanded ... and had to be posted separately to annoy EVERYONE, not just little_blonde!

Ha ha! Ma is 80 and I'm 54 (and a half!) and she still says "grow up!" to me whenever I reference Beatledom.

My clone Stephy-16 is quite OVER Pokemon, but still dips into it infrequently -- nostalgia, perhaps -- and I recall her being all agog over James of Team Rocket. (If she reads this, we'll see a case of embarrassment overload.)

She's immersed these days in anime, mostly of the Adult Swim variety. Loves Hiei and Naraku. She's quite the anime ARTIST herself, and fully intends to become a videogame designer, or work in the anime field in some capacity if the games thing doesn't work out. But she's been stuck on "owning a videogame company" ever since she was a baby old enough to express that thought in words. Strange and wonderful kid.

Adult Swim? Yes, "mature subjects" are not banned from her like they were for me. However, she gets more shamefaced than I do with it! She's not gonna grow up stupid and sheltered from that kind of crap. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm throwing porn at her or anything, but I'm not overprotecting her either. I'm not crazy about her viewing violent content, however... But what can ya do when her father watches the stuff?

The kitschy zombie movies rule, though. We can't consider that to be violence, it's too comical. And kewl. Yum-yum! Brains!

What am I blathering on about here? I'm supposed to be the coolest mom ever.

Okay! I just asked Steph if I'm the coolest mom ever. She said yeah. Then I told her that I'm not, because I'm not a millionaire. And wouldn't that make me THE coolest mom ever? And she said nah, then said kinda, then said yeah (doing the see-saw bit with her hand).

Case Closed.
Which, by the way, is another of her fave anime.

Music: Steph singing her version of "I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major-General" from Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance ... and making up her own words as she goes along ...


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