christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

I amuse myself greatly.

Comments made during a beatlepics-related Shea Stadium picspam:

Eppylover: >> That got me to wondering again... Why in all the Shea screencaps does he look so damned worried?!?!?! He looks downright concerned and almost scared. Not one smiling Eppy in one Shea screencap.

Madzilla: >> fans who had broken through the barriers

Oh yeah, that would make sense then! Sid Bernstein -- the true hero of the Shea Stadium coup -- notes that Brian wasn't mentally prepared for the phenomenon he created, and was flabbergasticated to the utmost max. Maybe Eppy's expression is more of that type, rather than paranoia.
(Huh. Paranoia he'd have plenty of, beginning mid-66 and lasting till ... )

(layla1188's comment to another point made in conversation)
Layla: >> there IS NO Shea DVD yet (at least not legitimately)

Eppylover:??? Then I am confused. Confusion is not an alien feeling for me, though.
But googlesearching I find -

this blog entry:
The Beatles-Live At Shea Stadium
DVD from Audiotape, Inc.

~ and ~

on Amazon
This DVD is a boot?
(oh my)

Haha... The Most Vintage Eppylover of LiverJourney (Steph's moniker for me) knows little about Fabs DVD's. What is legit and what is bootleg, all the same to me. I am still spinning vinyl LP's fer pete's sake! (Well, actually for my own sake. Pete knows nothing about my LP's.)

Eppylover cannot afford the Anthology DVD('s), and waaants the Director's Cut actually more than the authorized version (DVD-R's of it always selling on eBay for $42).

But you say: >> They show more of Brian during "A Hard Day's Night"

...Have I ever seen caps of that part...? Maybe someone could show mercy to this Baad Old Person (another Stephy moniker for me), and show me one sample pic of "Brian during A Hard Days Night" from Anthology, so I know if I'm not missing any Eppy poses on my hard drive? That would be Not a Good Thing, Martha Stewart. ;P

*christine flashes a brilliant suck-up smile*
*humble christine decides she has displayed sufficient wit herein to cross-post this comment as an eppylover journal entry*

~*~*~ Yes. That would be fun. ~*~*~

p.s. Just came across a site I think is way cool:

Official Website of the Liverpool Lennons.


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