christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

A very special picspam under the cut...with bells and whistles!

A picspam with extra links and thingies.

with a little Eppy thrown in for good measure, of course

a naughty little Eppy! Naughty, naughty Little Eppy!
I'm basically creating this post to practice on my HTML, tables, links and images, etc.
I'm a beginner, so let me know if your browser goes wonky on any of this, and what kind of browser you're using...thanks guys!
Don't bother reporting how many of the pics turn into little x's. They're hotlinked. I know, naughty. I'll see them when I look again.
But my Photobucket account is full, and I've gotta find time to delete some pics, start another account somewhere else, etc.

You can click any of the pics to get to the respective sites for more.
And - hover mouse pointer over them to reveal hidden captions!

undoubtedly Brian was still lurking inside the building here The BBC News in Russian!
From the Russian BBC news website

And a page of George & Pattie pics a page of George + Pattie pics from Robin D's Yellow Submarine
This is Robin D's site
On the far right, hot guy alert! Aahhhh!!! (I almost typed 'hot gay alert' ! ...well???
And on the far right, the most beautiful person in this picture!
No, wait, the most beautiful person who ever lived!
(yes, people, I do feel the cyber-tomatoes you're throwing at me and I don't care)

And who is the man standing on the other side of Paul?
Oh it certainly has to be George's dad...
as evidenced by the pic on the Mersey Beat --->
website here.

I think when they made Harold's face,
they broke the mold.

Harold himself might say they broke the mold
before they made his face, but I'd never say that. ;P

Harold Harrison and George

the young Mike McGear as Flash Harry
Mike the 21st Century!
Mike McCartney

Paul's brother Michael McCartney
(the old Mike McGear of The Scaffold)
served as best man at both of Paul's weddings.

Brian Epstein was fond of calling Mike
"Flash Harry"
because he was such a prolific photographer.

Paul and Linda
Best man arrives late

"The ceremony was delayed because
the best man, Mr McCartney's brother
Mike McGear of the Scaffold pop group,
arrived late. He had been travelling
from Birmingham where he had been
performing the night before
when his train became delayed."


Paul and Heather
E! Online news - A very Beatle Wedding

"--and a couple of Beatles stalwarts,
producer George Martin and
fellow mop-top Ringo Starr.
McCartney's brother Mike
served as the best man."

Lastly, a little dollop of Eppy for dessert...
yakking on the phone as per usual!

'He flies about the room sometimes'
I feel I know why you are here, Basil. It's about Jock the Cripple is it not?
'And sits upon my bed'
...How did you guess? I inquired all puzzle.
'And if he's really happy'
Alecguiness, my deep Whopper, the mud on the Inspectre's left,
and also the buttock on his waistbox is misting.
'He does it on my head'
The Inspectre looked astoundagast. You neville sieze to amass me, Mr Womlbs.

As always, we at Eppylover Associates, Ltd. appreciate any and all Brian pics.
Our Motto: "Wherever there's Brian, you'll find eppylover!"

~ ♥ ~


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