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eBay, 99-cents! Newspaper with Ringo's wedding pic (Brian's in the back row)

Someone from Spokane, Washington is starting this auction at 99 cents, and nobody seems to want to bid on it. It closes in less than a hurry if you're interested! They misspelled Beatles in the title, so that may be one reason it's not getting around as well! Vintage newspaper with picture of wedding party! Ringo and Maureen -- and Brian! Also Cyn, John and George join Brian in the back row there, peeking over the shoulders of Richie, Mo and parents.

This is how it appears on the eBay page:

Item number: 7704114397


Here's the same pic as it appears in my Brian folder:
Image hosted by

So far there are only 17 people who looked at this auction. The interesting part of the newspaper, for me, is the picture of Ringo's wedding with Brian Epstein in the back row.

Unfortunately, I just don't feel like I can afford the $5 postage on top of the 99 cents for just a newpaper pic right now, as tempting as it may be. So any of you guys, go for it if you want ... and let me know if anyone who read this bought it ... that would amuse me greatly.

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