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Brian + pot redux

Apart from the last couple months of his life, Brian Epstein was always very firmly self-controlled in his demeanor. John called him "Brian Uptight" (I have also read that George coined the moniker).

This morning I came across the text that I remembered - the one that detailed Brian's out-of-character reaction to his first experience smoking pot. It was from the book Many Years From Now, and I found an excerpt on this webpage:
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An amused Brian

Here's my fave excerpt from their excerpt:
Brian's smile lit up any room - Nat Weiss
Brian Epstein explained with some embarrassment that they had never smoked pot before.
It was me, George and Brian, this little group. Everyone would go in in twos. We were looking at Brian Epstein, who had a little butt, the tiniest little butt, so he looked like a tramp smoking a dog-end, which we had only ever done when we were poor before...And this, compared to Brian's image...and we were going, 'Awwwww!' Fucking screaming laughing at him. It was hilarious. I remember Brian looking at himself in the mirror and getting the whole joke of all this. We were all in hysterics.

Brian was pointing at himself and going, 'Jew!' And it was hilarious! We couldn't believe this was so funny. I mean, that would be the first time Brian would point at himself and say 'Jew.' It may not seem the least bit significant to anyone else, but in our circle, it was very liberating.

Taken from McCartney, Paul: 'Many Years from Now' (New York, Henry Holt and Company, 1997) Pp 184-193.

p.s. The eppylover doesn't smoke anything. I'm allergic to any kind of smoke, house dust, molds, etc. etc. However, the eppylover often exhibits stoned behavior when dead sober. Comic insanity does not require weed unless you're incurably anal. If I told you that I have NEVER tried substance, I would be lying. ...but that was far in the past ;D

From my perspective, like many drugs, the effects of OVER-indulgence in marijuana vary with the individual. Some people (most, by my estimation) turn sluggy and lazy and stupid. The precious few gifted individuals (such as Carl Sagan and various musicians/artistes, etc.) will experience a calming or breaking down of their highly structured minds, thus "opening up" their imaginations and encouraging many new untrod paths of creativity. However, most people, like you and me, just go dopey with any more than occasional toking.

Another drawback to pot smoking is, like any smoking - emphysema and cancer. I don't believe everything I hear/read that marijuana is more carcinogenic than tobacco, but I do believe that just common sense would tell you constant marijuana inhalation has to be stronger and worse on the lungs.

I'd think most intelligent and observant Beatle fans would heed George Harrison's example on sucking anything into one's lungs. Stick to clean, fresh air ... if you're lucky enough to find it somewhere nowadays. ;)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ The most devastatingly beautiful man who ever lived


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