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Al Aronowitz dies

Widely known by the true Beatlemaniacs and Dylanmaniacs on the web as The Blacklisted Journalist, Al Aronowitz was THE pioneer of rock journalism. Other writers such as Hunter Thompson adopted his style of "participatory journalism." He introduced Brian Epstein and his boys to pot and Dylan.

Brian had never smoked dope before!

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Aronowitz, who died Monday night at the age of 77, was a trove of great yarns. But one stood out. It was Aug. 28, 1964, in a hotel room in New York. That was the evening Aronowitz introduced Bob Dylan to the Beatles. It was also the night Aronowitz introduced the Beatles to pot.

Read the entire article at:
Washington Post Obit

Key paragraph:
"In no time at all, [Ringo] was laughing hysterically," Aronowitz wrote. "His laughing looked so funny that the rest of us started laughing hysterically at the way Ringo was laughing hysterically. Soon, Ringo pointed at the way Brian Epstein was laughing, and we all started laughing hysterically at the way Brian was laughing."

According to one of the Beatles, Brian just laid there going, "I'm on the ceiling...I'm on the ceiling..."
Then later he got up, looked in the mirror and, laughing harder, pointed at himself and stated, "Jew! Jew!" ... which the boys also thought was hysterical because it was so totally, totally out of character!

The original Beatles/Dylan column from THE BLACKLISTED JOURNALIST, and many more, can be found at: LET'S 'AVE A LARF
Another link: Boston Phoenix The Go-Between

I very strongly recommend Al Aronowitz, if by some odd chance you haven't read his stuff yet!

For some reason, his death really surprised me.
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