christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Illegal Logo

Kieron Dwyer
"Consumer Whore"
Graphic, 1999

In 2000, a year after Kieron Dwyer made comic books, t-shirts, and stickers with his version of the Starbucks logo, the company sued him, obtaining an injunction that prevented Dwyer from using the parody until the case was scheduled to go to court over a year later. When the case was finally settled, Dwyer was allowed to continue displaying his logo but only in extremely limited circumstances. No more comic books, t-shirts, or stickers: he may post the image on the web but not on his own website -- nor may he link from his website to any other sites that show the parody. In short, Dwyer is permitted to use the logo as long as Starbucks can be confident that no one will see it.


T-Shirt Of The Day...from
So cool, it almost makes me wanna go Lesbo!
...Naahhhh, I'll just keep on being a Hag.

Oh man, now where's a suitable clever t-shirt for that? I'd sooo wear it!

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