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Lots of delicious links to play with. Not unlike Zelda, I heart Links. (Bad one, christine.)

This is hella nice -- I just noticed that The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has an Archive Page Comparison capability ... whereby you can tell exactly what edits were made in each update!

I just had to find out what Martin Lewis (or his webmawster) did to the main site between the first listed date (Dec 09, 2001) and the last (Oct 18, 2004).

My Watch That Page emails tend to only give me the updated number of signatures on the RRHOF petition, daily. Which means -- updating the number of signatures, which is probably done automatically, is the only attention Mr. Lewis has paid to Brian's site since October of 2004. ;_;

As much as I dislike the RRHOF, I cannot ignore its value in restoring respect and dignity to the name of Brian Epstein, acknowledging his standing as an equal to the other four boys, and worst case scenario, keeping our Brian from fading into obscurity, which is threatening to happen unless we keep shouting from the rooftops!

My strong personal opinion is that there should be a petition to have Brian Epstein posthumously KNIGHTED by the Queen!!! After all, George Martin received the honor, and he was an equal to the Beatles musically only. Brian WAS the Beatledaddy; he was the glue, he was the discoverer, the mentor, the inventor of the image that made them acceptable, their guide to stardom, the genius, the brilliant promoter, and most of all ... he loved them as a group, cherished and protected them, far more than anyone else in their lives. He freaking DIED for them, that's a fact. The pressures of his overwhelming caring for them colored everything else in his life, his passionate worry carried over into private excesses that unfortunately ended up blocking out infinitely more than the stress.

Others much less deserving have been posthumously knighted. I don't understand it at all. Not at all.

Not to sound trite or like a paranoid crybaby, but by any obscure chance, maybe, perhaps, could the fact that he was gay and/or Jewish have just a teensy-tinesy itty-bit to do with him not even scoring an MBE?

Could Queen Elizabeth and her ... uh, crowd ... possibly be ... GASP ... Homo-Oy-Vay-Phobic????!!!!!!

Oh gracious! Perish the thought.

Well, there I go again, Eppy rant over. Ahhh. That was refreshing to the soul. Pant, pant.

But have fun with the Internet Archive Wayback Thingy if you can think of a use for it. Like, you can even stick in the url of your own website (if you have one) and see what they come up with. Apparently, even if they don't have anything at the moment, they'll notice you've searched for it and it's supposed to automatically access historical archives and post any findings later. What a great toy.

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