christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Coming -- Major TV Movie based on Bill Harry's Mersey Beat Newspaper

In 2008, Liverpool is set to officially become
The European City of Culture.
Early Bill Harry in center
Bill Harry has gotta be -- well, let's just say excited -- and finally getting more of the spotlight on himself and his part in the earliest origins of Beatlemania:
The Announcement in What Goes On

"...the programme will be using ... Brian Epstein"s reports on the Beatles early career, and ... images never seen since the original publication of Mersey Beat."

In a nutshell, planned are:
Mersey Beat memorabilia already licensed and in development, including
- replica issues of the original newspaper
- M.B. book
- M.B. comic
- Relaunch. Starting Aug 2006, brand new issues of the M.B. Newspaper will start being printed to report on what's happening NOW with the area's talent.

- CD's -- Adding to the compilation CD's "Mersey Beat" and "The Best of the Fourmost," an abundance of original Mersey music is set for release by EMI and other major record companies.

In the documentary, I hope we don't just see the same stuff I've already seen published in the old Mersey Beat issues. We all know what we want to see -- more Brian.

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