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Think if I started now I could walk it?

Calculating the (almost) exact distance between me and Eppy:

Distance between Grandville, Michigan, United States and Liverpool, England, United Kingdom, as the crow flies:

3678 miles (5919 km) (3196 nautical miles)

Initial heading from Grandville to Liverpool:
northeast (47.7 degrees)
Initial heading from Liverpool to Grandville:
west-northwest (294.6 degrees)


Grandville, Michigan, US

County: Kent County
Location: 42:54:14N 85:45:22W
Population (1990): 15624
Elevation: 604 feet

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Location: 53:25:00N 2:52:00W

You may try a new search.

See airfares between these two cities in
See hotels in these two cities in Hotels.Indo.Com or
See driving distance and directions (courtesy


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