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Before Blogs were invented! -- I found my first-ever newsgroup posting on a random Eppy search!

Thought somebody (besides me) might get a kick out of reading my first post to an internet newsgroup -- from September of 1999 --- in, of course!
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Well, folks, I was just surfing and searching around for more Eppy (as per usual) and this popped up: -

NOTE: The two indented postings are previous postings that I had quoted to lead into my post.

> christine- Sep 27 1999, 3:00 am
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Date: 1999/09/27
Subject: Re: Brian Epstein on Biography

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A couple of (other posters') comments re the Biography special:

> I saw it and taped it for a friend. I thought they did a bad job on
it. Brian was much more than the sad, pathetic individual they made him
out to be

>Very true-I was also disappointed that no mention was made of his other
management endeavors. No mention of Gerry and the Pacemakers, Cilla
Black etc. etc.
>Brian was a brilliant manager and none of his accomplishments outside
the Beatles got any acknowledgement

Now my post:

(Special of the Day: First Comment posted on any Newsgroup from christine, Occasional Lurker) . . .

According to Derek Taylor, Brian was very funny, very clever. Not
continually morose nor tragic. Paul also gave an impression similar to
Derek's in his interview on the above-mentioned Biography. For some odd
reason, the false prevailing image of Brian is that of an always sad,
moody, broody individual -- and this is extremely unfortunate.

However, after nearly 35 years of feeling like the lone ranger inasmuch
as Brian's always been my favorite "Beatle," I was pleased to discover
(via the internet) that many other people admire him and think about him
from time to time.

In the past year or so, a nice resurgence of interest has been
occurring. Hooray, finally. I believe we have Martin Lewis to thank
for this -- whether or not he was acting in his own self-interest, So
what! Whatever works.

Think what you want, darn it. My opinion is that Martin is sincere in
doing what he's doing for Brian. I personally am not overly impressed
by the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," but I think Brian would be tickled
to be remembered and honored in this way. And of course I signed his
petition months ago.

So there.

(who was 16 in 1967)

"Ah, tragedy ... it is to laugh"

How about that for some cyber-nostalgia!
p.s. --
I'm kinda sadly smiling as something occurs to me --

I sincerely wish for all of you reading this, that when you are in your 50's, the person you are involuntarily compelled to keep uppermost in your heart and mind is a living person that you know and love personally, and who loves you back.

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