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The adequately amusing "I Used To Believe" Site - and Beatles!

...and no, the one signed Christine is not me...

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Below are just a few of them that made me giggle:

My parents listened to alot of Beatles music when I was little. When I heard the song "Eight Days a Week" I figured that in England there must be eight days to the week. I spent alot of time wondering what the eighth day was called, and trying to figure out why they got an extra day.

when my grampa heard the beatles song i dont care 2 much for money he heard the lyrics as "i dont care too much for mummy cuz mummy want bummmy love!"

When I was little, for some reason I thought that the Beatles were the apostles. Maybe because two of them were named John and Paul. I don't know where I got that from.

When i was younger, i heard The Beatles sing:

Shes got a ticket to ride,
shes got a ticket to ride,
shes got a ticket to ride,
but she dont care.

My baby dont care.
My baby dont care.

I thought they sang:

Shes got a chicken to ride,
shes got a chicken to ride,
shes got a chicken to ride,
but she dont care.

My baby donkey.
My baby donkey.

Lol. To my surprise, i've found a flashfilm on a website with a chicken riding a baby donkey, and that very same song playing in the background:


Morten Vestergaard

...and then there was that Beatles song - "she's got a tick in her eye" instead of "she's got a ticket to ride"...


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