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Scrambled Eggs

I'll show you something that I found in RMB archives ... amusing. Sing this to the tune of "Yesterday."

From: (Hymie!)
Subject: I've got the lyrics to 'Scrambled Eggs'
Date: 1 April 1994 19:14:50 GMT
I lost the original article, but somebody asked for the lyrics to 'Scrambled Eggs', the song that became 'Yesterday.' Well, I searched out my long-lost book, ''Things He Said Today'' by Jane Asher, and it includes his first set of lyrics. It also includes this comment by Ms. Asher: ''Don't believe that part about 'how I loved your legs.' That's bunk. My legs are horrid.''

Scrambled eggs
Have an omelet with some muenster cheese.
Put your dishes in the washbin please
so I can clean the scrambled eggs.

Join me, do
There are lots of eggs for me and you
I've got ham and cheese and bacon too
so go get two and join me, do.

Fried or sunny-side
just aren't right. The mix-bowl begs.
Quick - go get a pan
and we'll scram-ble up some eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs.

Scrambled eggs
Good for breakfast, dinnertime or brunch
Don't buy six or twleve - buy a bunch
and we'll have lunch
on scrambled eggs.

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