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Item number 3843529919 from the Tracks Beatles and Pop Memorabilia Store

I so wish I had $$$. The best I can do is save a copy of this jpg on disk and try to decipher the handwriting. I wish I could read the other side of this sheet ... I want this item so badly.

On the top half-sheet, my guess is that he was writing it to someone who may have had contact with Diz (an infamous boyfriend). Apparently he got disgusted with himself (as always), and tore it up.

The bottom half-sheet looks like free verse poetry describing a day at the Plaza de Toros.

(top half of sheet)

I've already conveyed through official channels message of gratitude to you which I endorse here stop it is most important that the (continuation or future? both crossed out) of our association that you remember that both Diz and I have suffered the (strain?) some different but equally difficult pressures and I am (anxious?) you think (will? well?) of either of us I will be grateful if you will ask him (?torn off) anything repeat anything he needs and (rest is torn off)


(bottom half of sheet)
The hottest day I ever knew
The (Georgia?) (?) of people flowers
On the yellow sand (?) (?) red
Black mantillas and white carnations
It was all at the Plaza de Toros
Cordoba clamored for its gallant son
Prepared to mourn in state his death
And to lavish their praises with glory
In tribute to courage and sympathy
A fantastic old lovely (carriole?).

to see my "translation" of his handwriting on these sheets. If you can decipher his scribbles where I couldn't, please let me know!

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