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Original 1964 First Edition DustjacketIn The Rutles, Leggy Mountbatten named his book "A Cellar Full of Goys." Translation: Stuff The Gentiles in the Basement ... haha

When Brian Epstein exclaimed to a roomful of friends and associates, "Oh, what shall I name this book of mine?" John Lennon sarcastically said, to Brian's embarrassment, "A Cellarful of BOYS."

Personal note: I've always felt they ironically picked an awful-looking man to represent the most devastatingly beautiful man who ever lived ... but perhaps this contrast to the opposite extreme was deliberate...?

In any case, I do feel Brian, who possessed a brilliant iconoclastic and self-depreciating sense of humor hidden from the public but enjoyed by close friends, would have been highly amused and would have appreciated the whole concept of Leggy and The Rutles ... just as JohnandYoko did, even though the Pythonesque film portrayed Yoko in a Nazi uniform! Perhaps the only exception Brian would have made was in the portrayal of his mum Queenie.

From All You Need Is Cash -- THE BIRTH OF THE RUTLES:
The Rutles returned hungry to Liverpool full of experience and pills. They persuaded the manager of the Cavern to let them play there by holding his head under water until he agreed. Very soon their music began to create no small interest. In fact, no interest at all.

In October 1961 Leggy Mountbatten, a retail chemist from Bolton, entered their lives. Leggy had lost a leg in the closing overs of World War Two and had been hopping around Liverpool ever since. One day he accidentally stumbled down the steps of a dingy disco, what he saw there was to change his life: a sailor who told him about the Rutles. It was a dank, sweaty, basement cellar, torrid and pulsating with sound. Leggy hated it. He hated their music, he hated their hair, he hated their noise: but he loved their trousers. In his autobiography, A Cellarful Of Goys, Leggy tells of timorously approaching Ron Nasty and asking him what it would cost to sign the Rutles. "A couple of jam butties and a beer" was Nasty's reply. Next day Leggy sent them a crate of beer, two jam butties and a fifteen page contract. The Rutles, instinctively trusting this softly spoken, quietly limping man, signed immediately.

Stig meanwhile had fallen under the influence of Arthur Sultan, the Surrey mystic and he had introduced Stig to his Ouija Board Work. Sultan now invited the Rutles on a get-away from it all, table-tapping weekend near Bognor. As usual the Press followed. But while the Rutles sat at the feet of the Surrey mystic seeking spiritual enlightenment at his hands fate dealt them an appalling blow.

It was at Bognor that they learned the shocking news of the loss of their manager Leggy Mountbatten. Tired and despondent over the weekend and unable to raise any friends, Leggy had gone home, and, tragically, accepted a teaching post in Australia. It was a bombshell for the Rutles. They were shocked. And stunned.

The news was not entirely unexpected. Leggy's recent behaviour had been giving grounds for concern: he had been investing heavily in Spanish Bullfighters and in California he had been arrested for giving the kiss of life to a rubber raft: but he had for many years held the Rutles together--often forcibly. Now he was gone.

Mrs. Iris Mountbatten, Leggy's mother (1:02)
Personally, I don't have and refuse to install RealPlayer, but I've heard this clip and it sounds very, very similar to Queenie Epstein's voice. I'm sure that would have hurt Brian's feelings.
  What a degrading portrayal of Queenie!
Queenie was actually quite attractive for her ageAnd this is Queenie Epstein's voice

If you ever get the chance, please listen to some of The Rutles' music ... it's extremely well-done, even though it's extremely derivative! In other words, if the Beatles make you tap your feet, The Rutles will make you tap your feet whilst dying of laughter.

p.s. I've heard that the latest Rutles effort, "Archaeology" just doesn't make it ... so for now, I'm not wasting any time watching it or listening to it.

This has been today's item of enlightenment from christine~ the shiksa pseudo fabbi ... uh, I mean rabbi.


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