christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Pete Best was scheduled to be here May 27? Huh?

Grand Rapids is only 11 miles away ...
And I didn't even know Pete was coming here.
Ah well ... when Ringo played in GR, not many people attended anyway.

Bassist's illness cancels Pete Best show

"The Pete Best Band: Best of the Beatles" show at The Intersection on Friday was canceled after the bass player collapsed following a concert Thursday in Louisville, Ky.

Keith Putney, who represents the band featuring the ex-Beatles drummer, said bassist Paul Parry fell ill en route between Louisville and Grand Rapids. His condition wasn't immediately known, he said.

About 700 tickets had been sold for Friday's show, said Bill Thieman, a local contact who helped set up the concert.

Tickets were being refunded at the point of purchase. Putney said it was uncertain whether the concert would be rescheduled, but he noted the Liverpool band is returning to the United States for another tour in late July.

  • John Sinkevics

    © 2005 Grand Rapids Press. Used with permission

  • Court says gay man can drive

    [Here's the article]
    KEY STATEMENT: The judges added that homosexuality "cannot be considered a true and proper psychiatric illness, it being a mere personality disturbance." (my emphasis)

    What a disgrace. You start allowing these perverts to drive cars, and first thing you know they'll be setting up sex huts all over our neighborhoods!!!



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