christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Some of my REAL beliefs about Religion

If my previous post made you feel good about believing those original sages and prophets (Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, etc.) actually existed, I'm happy. One should always be content in what one feels inside, and we are all mentally different.

However, now I shall post what I really think:
The following is a totally subjective view from the vintage brain of the eppylover --
who has always had one belief:

"Everything and anything is okay
as long as it does not injure someone else."

Religion is only a tool
Religion is not real.
All rules of religion,
All these so-called "scriptures"
were created by man only,
Not written or dictated by some overlord or god or ghost,
but invented and improvised by man only
for the express purpose
of controlling other people
using their emotions.

When in doubt

drill to the core of your own being
unhampered and unfettered by the will or judgment of others
and dwell on what creates contentment in YOU.

Start creating your own rules
to replace the rules created by the
ancient religious con artists.
Keep obsessing on your own rules
when the rules you were indoctrinated and brainwashed with
threaten to take over your brain and heart.

For every ritual
create a ritual of your own to supercede it --
an anti-ritual, if you will.

Back when the religious con artists
Fabricated all these formalities, behaviors, protocol, ceremonies, rules of conduct, liturgy ...
They made damn sure they attached penalties to any shirking of their rules ...
And they wracked their brains mightily to think of what might most scare their worshippers into compliance.
Then, they kept inventing new rules,
and rules to contradict other rules,
thus purposely screwing up the peoples' minds
and ensuring that they would be so concerned with knowing all the rules
and not breaking any of them because of the penalties ...
the people sat meekly in the palms of the hands of the religious con-men.

Most importantly, they made certain at all times to sound as HOLY as they could
in their abstract wording.

And the people were so misguided and obsessed
that they were successfully diverted from seeing
what was really happening to them.

And any alternate type of thinking
so offended the people
that it often brought them to violence.
The fact is, they were (and still are) threatened by any rational thinking
after having been lulled by all this religious protection,
this fort built up around their brains.

Their biggest threat has become
the sound reasoning of the freethinkers
because, due to the words of these "heretics,"
the cannonballs of logic keep trying to break out of the subconscious minds of the devout people,
to jeopardize and destroy the false security blanketed upon them all these years by Religion.

The prophets were pimps
and, by god, they had an almighty vise-grip upon
the proverbial balls of their whoreshippers.

When in doubt

drill to the core of your own being
unhampered and unfettered by the will or judgment of others
and dwell on what creates contentment in YOU.


I'm sorry...
This is just the way I see it, personally, me only

I had tried my damndest to be a good Catholic in my pre-teen and younger teen years, and gradually discovered by keen observation that the only way to be a good Catholic is to be an avid hypocrite. As in some other fundamental faiths, rule after rule will contradict each other.

Fortunately, my parents must have somehow sensed what was happening, for now neither of them subscribe to any organized religion, and their 6 kids all seem to have found their own ways in their own hearts and minds.

I was a Roman Catholic ... until I reached the age of reason. -George Carlin

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