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...and these aren't even close to the most offensive ones...

As much as I dislike comic books, I sooo love the Superdickery website.
I've got a brother who is an obsessive superhero comic expert, so I come by my distaste legitimately.

The daughter found this one...

Offensive Comic Book Covers from the WWII Era!

(The best parts are the webmaster's captions underneath the images.)

Click image too see it larger

Webmaster's caption:
"Wow. I didn't think it was even possible to feel bad for Hitler...
Most of you guys' parents grew up in the 60's, when I did. But if I were to yearn to live in the days of MY parents, I would be wishing to sit in front of the old RCA radio console, listening in awe to the Fireside Chats of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and gasping at the unintelligible paranoic shriekings of Adolph Hitler (yes, Ma says they broadcast his speeches, without translation). Back in those days, 'racially offensive' and 'anti-war' were virtually unknown concepts ...

It feels so good to know that in today's world, your normal everyday people will cringe at these comics
... and their laughter is that of embarrassment instead of a feeling of superiority.

I have not posted the worst of the disrespectful covers. Go there and see for yourself, whew. People really did feel this way in my parents' day...

Here's the beginning of the
"Propaganda Extravaganza" section
with "Next" links at bottom

And, here's the site's Image Index
where you can click on the links
to individual comic covers.
(Propaganda Extravaganza is at the bottom of the page)

Webmaster's caption for the comic over there -->
'I could almost justify putting this in the
Seduction of the Innocent section, couldn't I?'

-and if you've never seen the comic frame under the Seduction of the Innocent link, then you can't call yourself an internet maven!


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