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Captain Greer, Peggy Lipton and Paul McCartney

I remember watching Mod Squad
(1968-1973) from time to time...

My fave member of the squad was not one
of the main three. I liked their boss,
Capt. Greer, played by Tige Andrews.
Now that I look back on it,
the Capt. Greer role seems
vaguely reminiscent of
someone else I could name...

"To the toppermost
of the poppermost, boys!"

BTW, on the seven kisses dot com website, I found a reference to Mod Squad's Julie (Peggy Lipton) and her "linc" (tee hee) to Paul McCartney ... so, in the webmistress's own words:

"Ooh and an interesting article I found in People mag... It's from Peggy Lipton's new book (she was in the Mod Squad)
Best kisser: Paul McCartney
In 1966 Lipton, then 19 and under contract with Universal Studios, finagled an invitation to a party with the Beatles by posing as an industry pal's niece."

And then she proceeds to quote from the article, which quotes from Peggy Lipton's book:

Paul McCartney and Peggy Lipton

I walked in and pretended to be very blasé, like I wasn't about to expire with every step. Without warning, the four of them appeared. Paul shook my hand.

"My god, you're beautiful," he said.
"You're not so bad yourself," I replied, like an idiot.

Later, I was asked to come to a bash that evening. I arrived almost sick to my stomach with butterflies. I had only lost my virginity six months earlier and I'd been thinking about Paul for a year. He greeted me sweetly. He played the piano. The next thing I knew we were on our way upstairs. The fantasy was playing out a little too fast. He too me in his arms and kissed me. May I say that this was the kiss of my dreams? As passionate, tender and exciting as I ever could have imagined.

During our lovemaking, I caught myself thinking, how was this making me feel? I liked everything about Paul, yet when we walked downstairs together I wasn't feeling too good. I saw myself as just a young girl he had taken to bed and that was it.

Paul called the next night, and I went back. I wanted to try to cement a bond. Once again it was sexy. But by that time our tryst was over and I wanted to go home to the safety of my parents' house. I didn't see Paul again that summer.

She saw Paul once in 1967. By 1969, when he called her again, Peggy a star of The Mod Squad living, in disharmony, with record producer Lou Adler.

"I'm coming to California," Paul said.
"I can't see you if you're seeing other girls. I just can't do it."
"There's no one else, luv,"

What a ho bag <--says Kari, (webmistress)
"The only person who's around is a photographer who's traveling with us."

Two days later he called in the middle of the night. "Peggy, can you come over to the Beverly Hills Hotel?" he asked. "I really need to see you."

What else could I do? I went. It was four in the morning when I got there.

"He's sleeping, young lady," one of the band's road managers told me. I decided to wait until Paul woke up.

It was daylight when Paul emerged from the bungalow. He was strumming a guitar and singing to me. At least I thought he was singing to me. But as I lept up to join him, I spotted a woman coming out of the bedroom.

Paul and this girl made a dash for the limousine, hiding their heads. I stormed into the bedroom and wrote, "You made your choice," across the mirror in the girl's lipstick. Then I just cried.

That year, Paul married the girl from the bungalow. Her name was Linda Eastman.

And now back to the webmistress's comments:

"Wooooooow. Paul was not only cheating on this chick (she means Peggy), but Jane (and probably a whole bunch of other one night stands), but he left all of them for Linda! True love man, or maybe... just... weirdness... well, it is Paul after all...


Well, how about that. Haha. Wonder how many copies she'll sell...

Aug 3, 2006 Update
Peggy Lipton Links:
Breathing Out Booksigning Photo Gallery
MSNBC Article June 5, 2005
Website of Peggy and Quincy's daughter Rashida Jones
Peggy in a site on teen abuse
Google Search ~ many images of Peggy to click upon

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