christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

I just don't get it:

Why is it that the majority of people flatly refuse to believe in some things because they're just too g-ddamn silly ... but these same people insist in believing in things that are every bit as, and are sometimes much more, silly?

Such as: why dismiss, as wishful thinking or fantasy nonsense, such concepts as time travel and genetic engineering for human immortality, when there seems to be some basis for research and, indeed, there are scientists who seem to be making progress toward such ends? Even Einstein and Hawking pondered those possibilities. Were they silly?

The same people who scoff at the above will turn around and swear to the existence of a g-d who sees-all and knows-all, has existed forever, and will exist forever ... and golly wow, you can even chat with him in your mind, that is, he can hear your thoughts as though you're actually speaking out loud. This is called "praying." Sounds silly to me.

Now, come on, people! Just because you were told this all your life, and overwhelming herds of cattle-like humans are mooing along with it, does that make it so? Isn't this g-d thing a lot more fantasy than the time travel and immortality?

I just don't get it.
Tags: agnosticism, immortality, religion, time travel

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