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Jude Law / Brian Epstein - misc

An interesting yet funny 2001 exchange on BeatleLinks Fab Forum from top to bottom of page is at: 
The following 1999 article from the BBC provides the info that (since 1999 I'm sure a lot of things have changed)  1. The movie will concentrate on Epstein and his mother, and  2. Philip Norman (who wrote the Beatles biography called "Shout!") was the writer interviewed by the Sunday Times on Sept 16 2001 (see excerpt below the BBC article).
Friday, May 28, 1999 Published at 15:45 GMT 16:45 UK
Jude Law to star in Epstein film
British actor Jude Law is to direct and star as Brian Epstein in a film biography of The Beatles' enigmatic manager.
Actors will play the Fab Four but the film, simply called Epstein, will concentrate on Epstein and his mother.
The script is being written by Philip Norman and Epstein's former secretary is also an adviser on the project.
Brian Epstein died in August 1967 from an overdose of sleeping tablets.

Sunday Times
16 September 2001

...The subject of our meetings was a film about Brian Epstein, the man who discovered the Beatles, which Law hoped to star in, and also possibly direct, and for which he wanted me, as the band's biographer, to write a script. You might expect that a 28-year-old stuck with the name of a classic Beatles song would shun all music prior to U2 or, at least, UB40. But no: Jude is a hopeless Beatle nut.
As a rule, the company of actors tends to bring me out in a sweaty rash. By the time I've heard them say how 'lovely' someone is for the 19th or 20th time, I start wanting to upset tables and break china. But Law never came on as a luvvie - just as an articulate, civilised young man with a depth of intuition and compassion that convinced me he could portray the doomed Epstein to perfection. I'd forget I was with one of British cinema's most promising young heart-throbs, then suddenly notice the waitress's goggle-eyed look as she read us the day's specials from the blackboard.
 ...I wrote an initial version of the Brian Epstein script, which Law, very politely and quite rightly, decided was in need of further expansion. My expanded version was sent to him, I believe, in Berlin, where he was filming Enemy at the Gate, a story of duelling Russian and American snipers during the siege of Stalingrad. A few days later, I got a telephone message from him, saying he was 'thrilled' with this draft. I looked forward to the casting and preproduction stages of Epstein with pleasant anticipation.
A major rock and pop memorabilia collector in Britain is currently selling his entire collection. This lot contains over 1,000 of rare and unique items. includes personalized items that once belonged to The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Brian Epstein, Buddy Holly, Elton John, Marc Bolan, and others.
(do a CTL-F find using epstein as the keyword to locate Brian's items)
I don't usually mention Brian's boys here ... but in the Abbey Road section of the Beatles Forums in, there are a bunch of links with Beatles photos I've never seen. Maybe you all have, but at least in the vintage years I never saw a lot of these! Sorry, Eppy, couldn't find the same for you ... yet.
love you all  ...  always searching  ...  christine~


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