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August 27, 1965 ~ Mister Brian Epstein vis à vis Colonel Tom Parker

Cute description of the behaviour of our Eppy vs. Col. Tom Greed Ass, RE the 1965 Beatles/Elvis get-together!
Brian in car at Elvis house with Paul and Ringo
As much as I have never cared for p'Elvis, this little story amused me.


The next four days were spent frantically making the arrangements. First I had to get Parker together with The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein – a major clash of egos – over lunch at a Beverly Hills Hotel they argued over who should go to whom.

“Listen Bwyan,” said Parker, who had trouble with his r's, “if we were in your country we’d go to you, but you’re in ours, so The Beatles must come to us.” On that argument he won the day.

Next there was a vetting procedure over who should be there. Parker insisted that, apart from his driver Tom Diskin and The Beatles’ chauffeur Alf Bicknell, no management staff should enter Elvis's hallowed home. Epstein won a point or two, allowing a couple of his entourage who were Presley worshippers to go along.

“And Mr Hutchins is to be there as my friend, not as a journalist,” Parker announced.

“He’s our friend, too,” said Epstein at his campest best.

  Book review of Elvis Meets The Beatles by Chris Hutchins and Peter Thompson

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