christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

It's an LJ thang, yo...

Testing to see if LiveJournal is going to play nice with me today. Guess not. So far the tab reloaded once already.

This doesn't happen with ANY other site; not Facebook or Twitter or anything else.
[ Note to my friend: Keep enjoying Liverpool, and I'll comment when LJ makes it a little easier. :)

I absolutely ADORE the big gold letters spelling "EPSTEIN THEATRE"...! ]
When I get a chance I've gotta get back with a guy in Liverpool on eBay who has news about the long-awaited Brian statue. I think he's connected with the city government there. Seems there's a preliminary sample of an Eppy statue that was created by the same sculptor who made the John Lennon statue at the Cavern!


I believe the ideal spot for the statue (in my humble opinion!) would be in a the large area in front of the former NEMS ~ which, despite everything you read all over the internet, is no longer the "Victoria's Secret"-type lingerie sex shop called "Ann Summers" ~ the former NEMS is now a fashion boutique called M. Butterfly I know. I was there last year.

A fashion boutique is ALSO SO VERY PERFECT for the former dress designer-at-heart that was our Brian.

Must go now. TTYL. I hope.
Oh yeah. And on this occasion of Lennon's 71st birthday, do him a favor and make sure his best friend/counselor/father/mother image Brian Epstein gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.

~ Respect the genius ~
(The new motto I use to promote Brian tributes)

Tags: birthdays, brian epstein, john lennon, liverpool, nems, Брайан Эпштейн

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