christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

We've got names now.....

  1. The Non-Performer Induction category in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the one that Brian Epstein would be eligible for. It just stands to reason that Brian should have been one of the first (if not THE first) induction made in that category.

  2. The Non-Performer category is entitled "The Ahmet Ertegun Award"

  3. The Ahmet Ertegun Non-Performer induction, unlike the regular performer categories, is NOT one that is voted on to select its winner(s). You read it right. There is no fair election process for non-performers!

    Instead, the way this honor is bestowed is by the selection committee deciding amongst themselves who they think should be inducted that year. In other words (as I like to put it), they get together and pull a name out of their collective arses. ;-P

  4. Until today, despite months of searching by me and Rose (my co-admin on the page), we could not find the names of the people on The Ahmet Ertegun Selection Committee.

  5. Well! Last night, Rose FOUND the names posted on a site called!

  6. And here they are:
    (Feel free to click on each name, and read who the hell they all are!)

  7. And now that we have actual names, we have a very small timeframe in which to figure out how to make these people aware of their sad error of years past ~ because, if they haven't decided already, they are in the process of doing so RIGHT NOW.

Please try your best to contact these people, by whatever means you can devise, and let them know that thousands of us need to see BRIAN EPSTEIN inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
Thank you!

Tags: brian epstein, disrespect, rock and roll hall of fame, rrhof

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