christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Glitch city USA

Still having tab-reload issues, and still cannot use my LJ Inbox to read messages.

I decided what I'mma gonna do tomorrow is use my brother/sister-in-law's computer to get into my account and see if it works any better on theirs.

That will tell me if it's indeed my computer and/or Windows XP that needs to be dealt with, or if the whole thing is LiveJournal's fault.

I might try moving a bunch more images off compy to the external to free up more memory ~ then see if installing Chrome will kill or cure the situation. Just a thought, thanks Van.

I think I may have a bit of Brian overload in the brain recently ~ since early August.

Anyway ~ For now, I've got other places to peruse (FB, Twitter, etc.), and other things to do IRL. Those places don't glitch out on me. See y'all later, dudes.

Tags: computer, livejournal

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