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Ah! So far LJ has only glitched once. So far. [Kinehora]

This Saturday night the 17th we are obliged to contribute to a birthday get-together ~
~ celebrating
5 family members! Including my own 22-yr-old daughter who looks and acts as if she is 13 or 14!

It's gonna be fun.

Since even the cheapest birthday cards are stupidly expensive for what they are
(over $1 and up to $6 or more for a stupid piece of cardboard with an image and words on it?)
we will assign the [forgive the pun] illustrious Miss Stephy Jo to create 4 of the birthday cards (not her own, of course) as she has done several times in the past.

We'll figure something out for the gift part. Eek. I feel like such a bum. LOL

As for the obligatory dish to pass, everybody is begging for my world-famous (LOL again) vegan Mexican Bean Dip (accompanied with store-bought chips and salsa), a recipe that I acquired in the early 1970's from a co-worker during my clerical days(pre-first marriage) in the Grand Rapids Police Dept. Ironically, I had a hella crush on a cop named Flores!

Anyone interested in the recipe, I'll post it if you wish ~ IF LiveJournal doesn't keep glitching out on me.

Speaking of glitching out ~
In other "news" ~
This may be just a temporary problem......but......

I keep trying to get into my LiveJournal "Inbox" for messages,
but the browser keeps reloading the tabs ~

and then I get this:

So, if anyone is trying to contact me, I guess it will have to be via email (if you're one of the few with that addy) or via Facebook. :(

A LOT of people have been unable to use the LJ Archive utility for the past month or so. That's one thing that makes me think my LJ problems might not be solely our computer's fault.

It's all due to the changes that LJ has been forced to make, due to the damn troublemakers causing the numerous DOS attacks.

Hmmm. I wonder if any other people, with computers newer than 2002 vintage, are having the same sort of problems with LiveJournal ~ or is it mainly the fault of our old trusty klunker?

Tags: birthdays, computer, livejournal

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