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"How The Beatles changed the Soviet Union"

A rare non-Eppy Beatles-related post from me ~ always remember, however, that this whole phenomenon that (according to the documentary) launched the revolution that finally tore down the Iron Curtain, would never have occurred if not for BRIAN EPSTEIN. Truly.

When Lenin "met" Lennon
via Dave Haber at Beatles News

The Beatles never set foot in the Soviet Union, but they had an enormous impact on a generation of Soviet youth, turning them into cultural exiles and fatally weakening the foundation of socialist rule. That's the premise of Leslie Woodhead's documentary How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin, an insightful and nostalgic look at Soviet Beatlemania.

To read the article posted September 2, 2011, and to listen to the podcast interviewing the maker of the film about how the Beatles helped bring down communism and other tales from the annals of Soviet rock, click:
Transitions Online, Czech Republic


To read another descriptive review by Ken Shane, published in November 2009 when the documentary aired on PBS, click:

Here's the short trailer for the TV special

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