christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Another Epstein, and he's a freethinker

Personally, I feel mostly a sense of wrongness when people form into groups, for whatever reason. But unfortunately, it's human nature to become units of US and THEM. We are merely a larger version of ant colonies battling one another, gathering and feeding each other, and in many cases pathetically being subservient to a human version of a queen ant.

Just because people are compelled to act like this, doesn't mean I have to also be one of these insects. I'll do my part as far as that goes, but I refuse to be assimilated into a unit that exists for the sake of mass power, whether bad OR "good" (Uh-huh. It's never totally good, IMO).

However, if we absolutely MUST gather into groups, here is a group that's not bad at all.

And one of its main proponents is named ~~ Epstein!

Somehow, I think Brian would have liked this guy.

The Greg Epstein Page
September 11th, 2001 will live on forever in our nation’s memory. We suffered an incomprehensible loss at the hands of extremists who believed that religious diversity must end in violence.

... But we believe that remembrance, while crucial, is not enough. We must also look to the future. Whether it is frequent discrimination against the American Muslim community, or thousands of recent threatening anti-atheist comments on the Fox News Facebook page, the voices of religious and political division are loud and clear. But what about the voices of inclusion?

We must model the change we want to see in our nation and our world. President Obama sees the diversity of our “nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and nonbelievers” as “a strength, not a weakness.” The terrorists of 9/11 were guided by a narrative of conflict between incompatible cultures; by acting together on our shared values, we can show that our society actually thrives when people of diverse backgrounds work together.
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