christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Movietone Beatles Clips - and many more celebrities, etc.

Click THE BEATLES button to see a little film featuring The Beatles in various clips: Performing, showing off their MBE's, in Australia with Jimmy Nichol, etc.

I was particularly interested in the Circus Krone clip because my favorite dreamy pic of Brian was taken as he was watching his boys there ... but in 3 viewings, I still cannot find him, even though he was wearing a lighter-colored suit than his usual. Haha I felt like I did at the real 1966 concert in Detroit, trying to find him through binoculars!

In fact, the only Brian I saw was right at the end of the film, when they were exiting a plane. At least it was a couple seconds I'd never seen before. And no, I was unable to capture that little bit in a still picture.

There are also clips I haven't had time to view ... Lennon is one, McCartney is another ... just find their buttons and give 'em a click :)


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