christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

I thought this was funny ~ and not untrue ~

“Top Ten Newt Gingrich Presidential Campaign Slogans”

10.   Isn't It Time For An Old, White President?
— Jonathan B., Santa Monica, CA

9.   A Perfect Fit The For The Oval Office, Literally
— Jim S., East Greenbush, NY

8.   Troubled Times Demand A Truly Troubled Man
— Paul D., Edgemont, NY

7.   Someone Get Me A Double Cheeseburger
— Bob D., Round Rock, TX

6.   A Vote For Me Is A Vote For An Ethics-Violating, Religion-Switching, Sanctimonious Gas Bag Working On His Third Marriage
— Normand H., Whistler, BC

5.   At Least My Name Isn't Mitt
— Lewis S., Joplin, MO

4.   If There Was Anything Positive To Say, We'd Put It In This Slogan
— Michael K., Wilmington, DE

3.   National Debt? We'll Charge It To Tiffany!
— Pamela S., Dublin, OH

2.   Please, I'm Not Getting Any Younger
— Gerald L., Ottawa, Ontario

1.   Hey, Where'd Everybody Go?
— James Z., Albuquerque, NM


Tags: comedy, politics, tv

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