christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Friends Page dilemma solved

Okay. I might regret doing this, but I'm putting a few more good flisters in separate friends list categories because ~ well, whenever I have time to quickly find out what flisters are posting, I am not happy about scrolling through lots of stuff from one person (even stuff I want to read) that COULD be very easily LJ-cut.

I do try to hit all bases eventually with the segregated flisters, but between my duties on FB and Twitter and Real Life (lowest priority, LOL), it's not always possible.

So ~ if you are one of those who doesn't bother to LJ-cut, and I have consequently missed something important, that's why.

I have long ago segregated the peeps who tend to post non-LJ-cut images that horizontally stretch out my main friends page too much. That's an even bigger pain in the arse when trying to quickly glance down the flisterposts, and wondering what everyone else is saying when their text is hidden wayyy off to the right. I'm not a big fan of scrolling left and right in addition to scrolling down.

In conclusion, any flisters whose posts cause me to "page down" more than two times will not be on my MAIN friends page from now on.


Tags: augghhh, flisters, goll dang whippersnappers, livejournal, nonsense, rants

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