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Mr Mistake Free from Boston claims McCartney is a liar

Okay. So this guy digs up my old tweets from back in February, and chooses to respond to them NOW for some reason.

As for the content of his reply, the word "dismay" only scratches the surface here.


Really funny thing, BTW:
In their blurb, @BeatleJH909 has the temerity to self-pronounce themselves "mistake free" ~

~ riiight! Actually, this is ironic in itself, because (as Ms. OCD Grammarnazi Eppylover cannot fail to notice) Mr. True Beatle Fans omitted the hyphen from "mistake-free" ~ a term which, in this case, should be hyphenated because it's used as an adjective describing the word "site."

As for myself (judging from my embarrassing tweetfailure to properly capitalize "McCartney"), I admit to being FAR from mistake-free. ani blushing smiley

Another of his tweets to me reads, verbatim:
@eppylover Please darlin'; check out my blog on the WEB site. I always include sources. Have spoken highly of Eppy.
4:04 PM Apr 11th via web from Somerville, MA
Well, y'know... darlin'... it took a little bit of futzing around to figure out exactly where this blog was situated on that website ~

~ which turned out to be a website for a Beatles tribute group (and you know how I have to struggle to keep my eyes from rolling at the thought of tribute groups anyway) ~

~ then, when I finally found [the Beatle Tracks Band blog], I entered "epstein" into the provided search box, which then produced ..... nothing. So much for "speaking highly of Eppy."

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