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Mel and Carl FTW!

Vintage and amazing: Carl Reiner (L) and Mel Brooks in the 1950's

According to famed Emmy, Oscar, Grammy and Tony Award-winning writer/director/ producer/actor Mel Brooks, his journey to Broadway began in kindergarten.

When his teacher Mrs. Litenin, struck a rowdy classmate, Brooks piped in with "Litenin strikes!!!" and got a laugh.

“I knew then that I wanted to be in show business,” he quips.

Vid: Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner shmooze with Barry Mitchell

And then, for better or worse, Part 2 commences with Mel joining Barry
to sing the (in)famous "Springtime For Hitler" from The Producers

Synopsis of videos
Barry Mitchell of World News Now (usually on my TV when I'm up all night) surprises comedy legends Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner with an accordion solo at Reiner's NYC apartment.

Then, because Barry has blocked the exit, Mel and Carl agree to sit and talk about the origin of their 2,000 Year Old Man character.

Later, Carl gives Mel a lesson in "broken French."

~"America's only accordian-playing news commentator"
according to Regis Philbin

Such a fantastic send-off when Vanita Nair left World News Now ~ everyone will miss her so badly, including me.
See it here

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