christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

My new bedding set looks just like Brian's iconic scarf! :D

I've been living for the past 15-20 years with the same blanket ~ I keep it clean, but it's kinda ratty-looking if you look at it closely. My sheets are a bit better, but of course over time they have developed stains and stuff that simply won't come out.

So, when this bed set appeared in our local Walmart ad, I do what I usually do with things that catch my eye but I know I cannot have: I set the ad aside where I could see it. Usually over a few days the thing I set aside will get old in my mind and I'll lose interest and throw it away.

This time I just kept craving the bed set more and more. So, I had about $5 left on an Xmas gift card, and the rest of it I figure I can do something like put aside a bill or something. (Naughty me)

I went ahead and bought that bed set as my birthday present from Stephy ~ now, hopefully at the family birthday party I will be gifted with enough cash to pay that bill. Yeah, I think it will happen.
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Tags: :-), birthdays, brian epstein, my life, stephy

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