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Joanne Petersen writing a book!!! ...[EDIT: NOT.]

May 14, 2012 NOTE:

I have been thankfully set straight by the gracious Joanne ~ please read the comments following this post.

Not to make excuses, but I ask you to take into consideration that this post is from 2005, I was in the throes of divorce, old and curmudgeonly (which BTW I still am and probably will always be, even though the divorce took place Nov 4, 2008) ;-)

I keep this post here now purely as archival material. When reading it, keep in mind how faulty it is. You can view it as a classic example of what misinformed disillusionment can produce.

Brian's secretary Joanne Newfield (she married Bee Gee Colin Peterson a year after she walked in and found Brian dead when his chauffeur broke down the double wood doors to his bedroom) is now writing a book.

I'm not too happy that it looks as if she's going to make it sleazy ... it's nobody's business what Brian did for love, even with a Beatle. If she thinks she looks more decent or something by not revealing which Beatle it was, she's wrong; and that dodge is a cop-out! Her little game is, in reality, a promotional tease. She should respect the great man's privacy, even if he's dead. But that's not the way of today's petty uncaring humans.

Brian was so very fond of "his Joanne," and trusted her with many of his secrets, which before now she has refused to reveal, and I very much respected her for that. She was one of his most loyal friends. She was privy to his heartbreaks, joys and tantrums. He cried on her shoulder at times, and threw an entire tea tray at her another time (and was immediately sorry about that).

So now it comes to this.  Thanks, Joanne.

Colin Petersen marries Joanne, June 1, 1968

Joanne Petersen (right, dk red hair) and friend

Note: I spelled Petersen/Peterson both ways, for search purposes. The above-referenced website spells it "Peterson," while in most other sources it's "Petersen" (which is probably the correct one, since the BBC Arena special and Debbie Geller's book, and many other sources, spell it with an "e").

OMG - See how The word on Joanne's book spreads like wildfire!

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