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A bit of this 'n that nonsense

Been having dreams the past 3 nights about washing my hair. WTF?

In other news, my younger brother Bill (who is mentally disabled yet still worked hard at jobs all his life; retired now after open-heart surgery and other problems) has won a huge state trophy for winning chess tournaments.

Bill is going to turn 57 (I think) on March 5 ~ then, on March 7, I will be (eeek) 60!
Does not seem real. No. No.

I keep thinking I'm still not yet 20 and disco still hasn't arrived.

I have dismissed from my mind all the scabby nasty scunge culture that has proliferated since that time
(so-called "musics" like metal and rap and all that hideous bang-bang-bang shouty noise).

I wanna go back!
~ Super-Eppy & the Eppylover ~
prevent the vile degradation
of entertainment culture!
Or sumpin like dat.

Tags: 60s, 70s, :-), music, my life, nonsense, wtf

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