christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Yay let's get out the shorts and t-shirts! ;-P

Wow, they're calling for a SUBSTANTIAL warmup by Sunday and Monday!

They say it will get up to 38ºF (which is approx. 3ºC)!

Lately in this area, it's been ranging high=16ºF and low=10ºF,
with wind chills from 0º to -minus10º

Somebody please tell me what you could possibly hold against Justin Bieber? He has so many haters out there.

I'm not crazy about him, but he certainly seems inoffensive enough, and he does have a nice voice that stays on-pitch, and has decent boy-bandish dance moves if you like that kind of thing. I keep reading people's comments on blogs and forums calling him "a talentless little punk" and so on ~ wtf? Do people even know what talent IS? Do they think wearing meat dresses and looking like an year-round Halloween slut equals talent?

I would certainly prefer kids to "fangirl The Bieb" than to follow that Lady Gag-reflex character ~speaking of talent? what a waste of it, Ms.Germanotta! You have talent, I have seen old YouTube evidence of it, but you prefer to grotesque it up and milk the tits&ass for the money, bitch, no matter how it's affecting kids.

Yeah, just what we need, another skuzzy sex-centric role model for our youngsters. Damn.


I would bet my booties that our Brian would have thought Justin had talent: he liked the "boy band" type of performer.

Funny thing, I think he would also be drawn to Lady Gag-reflex, seeing as he was a fan of Nico (Velvet Underground). She was a guest at some of his parties.

Go figure. *shrug*

Tags: augghhh, brian epstein, music, my life, news

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