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Anyone wanna come along with me? :-))

It probably will never be possible, but if I have a "faith" of any kind, it manifests itself in the hope that there will someday be some type of, ohh, what science fiction tends to call "time travel."

And that, for some odd reason, someone in that far-off (?) future has a concern about Brian Epstein ~ and, in their research, my insane blatherings over Al Gore's cyber-tubes will stand out. ani rolleyes smiley

Kind of a "Quantum Leap-y" type of deal, but not exactly. ani wink smiley ~ BeatleLinks style

Speaking of which, BTW, I was addicted to that show during my pregnancy and when Stephy was a baby (it aired from 1989 to 1993).


Someday if I ever have money again, I really oughta buy the DVD set and treat Stephy to it, since she knows absolutely nothing about Quantum Leap ~ and besides, these little computers don't do Hulu or those kinda sites too well (not to mention their commercials are too annoying to tolerate). We don't like "watching TV" on the computer screen anyway. It's just not the same.....

Hee hee. I've always been kinda partial to Dean Stockwell since I was a teen in the 60s, and the local TV station kept playing Compulsion on their late night movies.

Tags: 60s, time travel, tv, videos

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